Pest Control Service Broken Arrow OK

Pest Control Service Broken Arrow OK – Ultra Tech Pest Control, LLC provides expert pest control services to handle all your pest problems! Professionally trained technicians, certified in Termite, Bed Bug Removal, & general Pest Control. Quality Pro Certified. State Licensed and Insured. Call us today for a FREE PEST INSPECTION at (918) 208-6144!

$85 Quarterly Service

We treat all rooms inside your home and a full perimeter treatment outside. This is a full quality service.

Free Quote Provided

Professional, trained, commercial pest control technicians. Dealing with commercial pest control takes experience and know how. It is not a one solution fits all. Every commercial customer has different situations that need to be addressed and pest problems that need to be resolved.


$95 – $125

Finding the entry points and sealing them up is the beginning step of any successful rodent service. We use many different traps, baits, and glue boards to remove the rodent from your home or business.

$395 is a typical price.

We do a full liquid treatment. We treat all rooms in the home and we also treat all infested furniture. If more treatments are needed we only charge half of the initial price for all other services.

$95 For 2,000 square foot house or less.

Customer will need to be out of house until product is dry.
Usually two hours.

Free Quotes

For best price and service a free inspection and quote will be provided upon request. We provide full liquid treatments, spot treatments, bait stations, and wall void foaming. Yearly renewals are offered for continual around the year protection.

Ultra Tech Pest Control proudly offers the following services at extraordinary prices to Broken Arrow, OK residents:

  • Residential Pest Control / Residential Pest Removal

  • Commercial Pest Control / Commercial Pest Removal

  • 24 Hour Emergency Pest Control Services

  • Bed Bug Removal

  • Termite Removal / Termite Control

  • Rodent Removal

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