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Rodent Removal TulsaRodent Removal Tulsa – Rodent infestations from such creatures as rats and mice are more than just a nuisance when they get into your crawl spaces and underneath your home; Rodents can cause serious health hazards and have plagued humankind for millennia. It is extremely important to seek professional rodent removal services right away at the first signs of an infestation. While some people keep rodents as pets, wild rodents are much more dangerous than your pet store variety.

Many diseases like Rat Bite Fever are spread through urine and feces from rats and mice. These diseases can vary in severity from mild health issues all they way to being deadly. The only way to prevent a rat or mouse infestation from exploding out of control is to remove every last rodent from your house. If you even see one rat or mouse in your home, there is a possibility that many more will be present in the future. This is due to the extremely fast reproduction cycle of most rodent species. Quick elimination of rats and mice is crucial to rooting out the problem.

Rats and mice are highly destructive animals and have to potential to cause a huge amount of costly damage to your insulation and wiring inside the wall of your home. Another unwanted side effect of a rodent infestation is that the rodents most often have fleas that live on them. They can bring these fleas into your home and contaminate the house as well. If the rodent population gets too big, even if all of the rodents are then exterminated, the fleas will survive and continue to pester your household.

Here at Ultra Tech, we are not trying to alarm you, but rat and mouse infestations are serious business. Call Ultra Tech Pest Control at the first sign of a rodent presence. We are expert rat and mice removal specialists. We employ a multitude of different techniques to get rid of your rodent problem quickly. Time is of the essence, call Ultra Tech Pest Control today and say goodbye to your unwanted guests.

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